Summer Goals 2017

Disclaimer: We’re a little offbeat. If you’re new to our lives – please visit the “about” section. Things should make (a little) more sense after that, but honestly, there’s so much going on here, that it’d take a lot of time to catch you up to speed. If you have a question, please let us know!

If you’ve been here before, welcome back for our 9th summer of goals together. We always start to get the summer goal itch around the same time each year – it’s somewhere between dusting off the porch furniture and adding hot dog buns to the grocery list. Ah – what a magical time of year! We wrote our goals on the summit of beautiful Azure Mountain in the Northern Adirondacks, our 9th mountain climbed together, and the 1st for Scout, our Bernese Mountain Dog (see “Our Pets” page).

With most of our goals, we learn something new or go somewhere we’ve never been before, and if you’re reading this, there is a pretty good chance, we would like to share the experience with YOU!  So please, take a look at our list and give us a holler if there is a goal you think you would like to achieve with us:

  1. See a Moth StorySLAM
  2. Go to Food Truck Tuesday.
  3. See a movie together at the Silver Lake Drive-In.
  4. Order a menu item we can’t pronounce.
  5. Surprise 10 random people with free ice cream.
  6. Make a dutch door.
  7. Make our family tree.
  8. Learn to make homemade Italian Sausage.
  9. Climb a 9th mountain together.
  10. Complete an unaccomplished summer goal:
  1. Meet someone famous.
  2. Learn a harmonica song.
  3. Have a conversation in Polish.
  4. Walk from Canisius to Attica (worth 0.5).
  5. Bowl a combined 300.
  6. Make dinner for Earlean.
  7. Pick a Buffalo street and clean it.
  8. Pick a peach.
  9. Ride a jet ski.
  10. Dig up a bottle dump.
  11. Host a clam bake.
Summer Goal #9: Climb a 9th mountain together.