Summer 2018

Welcome to our 10th summer of goals! If you are new to our lives, you can visit the “about” section to learn what this is all about. In a nutshell, our mission to make every summer count! We want to live these precious Buffalo months to the fullest and make as many connections as possible. If we do it right, we will crack open that Labor Day beverage and say “danggg, this was fun.” So, here we go!

You are in for a real treat if you decide to share even just a little part of your summer with us.  We wrote our goals while enjoying a couple ice cream sundaes at our favorite local market – Braymiller’s! We have a pretty full summer ahead (and by full we mean, spending a ton of time at home with Scout and a gang  – see “Our Pets” page – we’re really quite proud).  But when we venture out under the summer sun, we hope to learn a little, live a little, and make the day a bit brighter for some of the wonderful people in our community.

We hope you enjoy this year’s list, and if there is a goal you want to help us achieve, you know where to find us . . . (usually the porch):

  1. Pay a family’s library late fees.
  2. Make a screen door.
  3. Try rock stacking.
  4. Put quarters in every cart at a local Aldi.
  5. Organize local reading flash mob.
  6. Eat at Hoak’s.
  7. Swim in a hot spring.
  8. Surprise a couple with a paid movie date.
  9. Climb a tenth mountain together.
  10. Complete an unaccomplished summer goal:
  1. Meet someone famous.
  2. Learn a harmonica song.
  3. Have a conversation in Polish.
  4. Walk from Canisius to Attica (worth 0.5).
  5. Bowl a combined 300.
  6. Make dinner for Earlean.
  7. Pick a Buffalo street and clean it.
  8. Ride a jet ski.
  9. Host a clam bake.
  10. See a Moth StorySLAM
  11. See a movie together at the Silver Lake Drive-In.
  12. Learn to make homemade Italian Sausage.

2018 in review.

Maybe the only thing we like better than the 1st day of summer is the 1st day of fall.

Looking back at this summer, we swam more, canoed more, tried more coffee shops, and did more than we ever thought we could.  Unfortunately, we were out there doing so much, that we weren’t in here writing updates on the page too much.  Well we are here now, and we want to thank everyone that helped us achieve 8 of our goals this year!

The first thing we got started on this summer was making a screen door from scratch.  What good is an old house without a screen door that lets in the fresh air and makes that great screeching noise every time it opens?  No one has been a bigger fan of the screen door this summer than Scout, who loves to look through the screen at her chickens, and the chickens, who love to come up on the porch and check in on Scout.


In the food-related goals category, first up was a dinner that was long overdue, since this is our 4th summer in the Southtowns, dinner at Hoak’s.  We had some help from some great friends, who joined us for fish fries overlooking the lake.  The food was great and the service cannot be beat!  We will happily meet any of you there any time!  We completed one unaccomplished goal from past summers – making homemade Italian sausage.  With the help of his dad, Bob took the same steps as his great grandfather “Poppy” Grimaldi, and the results were enjoyed by all.

Sticking to our summer goals roots, we dedicated multiple goals to helping out the community and promoting reading. First stop was paying off a local family’s library late fees.  Nothing makes us feel better than helping out people in need, and we are excited for this family to walk into the library with a clean slate!  Kelly also worked very hard to bring together the Eden community for the first ever Eden Reading Invasion.  Thank you so much to our families, friends, and so many families from the community that came out to enjoy a beautiful summer evening reading together.  This was a highlight of our summer!


We didn’t stop the random acts of kindness at the library, we went on to put a quarter in every cart at Aldi’s (the only thing better than the feeling of doing something small to help a stranger – or 79 of them, in this case – was Kelly excitedly yelling “you’re free!” to each cart, after putting in each quarter).  We also returned to one of our favorite spots, the North Park Theatre on Hertel, to surprise a couple with a paid movie date.  We love spending time in this beautiful historic theatre, and we hope the people that got our tickets enjoyed it as much as we do!

Lastly, our favorite – swim in a hot spring.  As good as it feels to do small acts of kindness for others and the community, some of the best goals are when we treat ourselves.  The Blue Lagoon in Iceland was the highlight of our European vacation, and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a truly relaxing and amazing experience.  The beautiful blue water around 100 degrees could not have been any more tranquil or relaxing.  Worth the trip.


That leaves us with 13 unaccomplished goals to carry over to next summer, and we will need some new ideas for next year’s list!  Feel free to send us a message, write us a letter, or stop by with suggestions – enjoy Fall, we will see you all next Summer!

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