Summer 2011

Back by popular demand, we, Bob Grimaldi and the lovely Kelly Fronczak!, give you, our family and closest friends, Summer Goals 2011.  This will be our 3rd summer of goals, and last year we completed an unprecedented 14.5 goals out of 15.  This year it is not about how many goals we complete, but the amount of fun we have while doing them.  We also enjoy seeing all of your bright shining faces which makes our whole winters worthwhile!  This year’s list was compiled in Attica Town Park in the Village of Attica on a blanket in the early Summer sun.  So go ahead and peruse our list, think about ones you can help us with and then help us with them.  Check back for updates, there ain’t too many folks out there that move faster than us.  Here goes nothing:

1. Explore a new Buffalo neighborhood.
2. Climb a third mountain together.
3. Make the dessert of Dan Fronczak’s dreams.
4. Kiss in a cave.
5. Win $23 on scratch-offs (cumulatively).
6. Tea with Drs. Rosenbloom & Jones.
7. Pay for the person behind us in a drive-thru.
8. Spend an afternoon in a row boat.
9. Make a sea glass picture.
10. Take Aunt Susie out to lunch.
11. Bowl a combined 300.
12. Change the letters on a movie theatre sign.
13. Cook a cornish hen for a friend.
14. Golf together.
15. Complete an uncompleted summer goal:

  1. Meet someone famous.
  2. Ride a 2-person bike.
  3. Learn a harmonica song.
  4. Have a picnic on a roof.
  5. Have a conversation in polish.

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