Summer Goals 2015

“Is this really our seventh summer of goals?” – Anonymous

Believe it, folks. We are on year seven. And we have made the executive decision to cut the list down to ten goals. Now don’t worry, America. We are still the same old Chet and Gloria! We just felt it was necessary to cut back a little, so that we would have plenty of time to sit on our porch – because man, we love our porch. In all fairness, when we started summer goals, we were just two young’ns, our summers stretched from May to September, and we didn’t have “careers”or a “lawn.”

Onto the goals! We wrote this year’s goals at the house. We hope you will read through them and the unaccomplished goals from summers past. Please let us know if you can help out with any or would like to be included in any of these adventures. This is about creating memories with people we care for and not letting our beautiful summers just pass us by. This great season lasts for only a short while, so lets make the most of it.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

1. See a redwood.
2. Attend the Buffalo Garden Walk.
3. Make a brick oven pizza.
4. Canoe the St. Regis River.
5. Make a “Take a Book, Leave a Book” Box.
6. Buy scratch off lottery tickets for nursing home residents.
7. Climb a 7th mountain together.
8. Help Ben Zablocki meet his favorite animal.
9. Go to the NT Farmers’ Market together.
10. Complete an unaccomplished summer goal.

  1. Meet someone famous.
  2. Learn a harmonica song.
  3. Have a picnic on a roof.
  4. Have a conversation in polish.
  5. Walk from Canisius to Attica (worth 0.5).
  6. Tea with Drs. Rosenbloom & Jones.
  7. Bowl a combined 300.
  8. Paint Papa Brinkman’s picnic table.
  9. Make dinner for Earlean.
  10. Pick a Buffalo street and clean it.
  11. Go to a show at Shea’s together.
  12. Go on the Whirlpool Jetboat.
  13. Pick a peach.
  14. Make a t-shirt quilt.
  15. Handwrite 8 letters to friends.
  16. Ride a segway
  17. Eat garbage plates.
  18. Re-purpose a hardwood door.

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