Summer 2010

In a world of serious and non-interesting notes, comes this one–a note about Kelly Fronczak! and me’s summer goals for this summer. As many of you know, we made a list of summer goals last summer, and with the help of a few of you, we accomplished most of them. We thought it would be a good idea to put this year’s goals on facebook, so you guys (our friends) could see if you can help (give us a place to stay, give us the change* you find on the ground, give us useful advice) us with any of them. Here we go:

1. Visit a national park.
2. Be on an oceanic beach.
3. Climb another mountain.
4. Walk from wheatfield to [canisius college] to attica (in a day).
5. Visit kim pepe’s house.
6. Make a strawberry rhubarb pie.
7. Make life-belts.
8. Pay for an old couple’s breakfast.
9. (Catch and) Kiss a largemouth bass.
10. Be on a jumbotron
11. Win a radio contest.
12. Find $8.00 in change* (on the ground) (as of 8/23, $8.12 found)
13. Travel to and shop at a moosejaw store.
14. Learn to waterski.
15. Accomplish an unaccomplished 2009 summer goal:

  1. Meet someone famous.
  2. Ride a 2-person bike.
  3. Learn a harmonica song.
  4. Have a picnic on a roof.
  5. Have a conversation in polish.
  6. Tag something.

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