Summer 2014

We’re at it again – Summer Goals Round 6 and what better time to share our list than the first day of summer!  We wrote this year’s list at a Ray Lamontagne concert, so you know it has to be good.  We have fifteen new goals and fourteen unaccomplished goals, so we will need all the help we can get from family and friends!  As always, we love spending time with each and every one of you to complete our goals, so if you think you can help, give us a call, message one of us on facebook, or (preferably) write us a letter and send it off to the beautiful village of Hamburg.  Enjoy the list, we will see you soon!

1. Buy something from O’Connell’s.
2. Overtip a good waiter/waitress.
3. Pick a peach.
4. Make a t-shirt quilt.
5. Send a message in a bottle.
6. Climb a sixth mountain together.
7. Visit a new state.
8. Go to Parkside Candies.
9. Handwrite 8 letters to friends.
10. Ride a Segway.
11. Eat garbage plates.
12. Touch the easternmost point of the continental United States.
13. Re-purpose a hardwood door.
14. Go roller-skating.
15. Complete an unaccomplished summer goal.

  1. Meet someone famous.
  2. Ride a 2-person bike.
  3. Learn a harmonica song.
  4. Have a picnic on a roof.
  5. Have a conversation in polish.
  6. Walk from Canisius to Attica (worth 0.5).
  7. Tea with Drs. Rosenbloom & Jones.
  8. Bowl a combined 300.
  9. Paint Papa Brinkman’s picnic table.
  10. Make dinner for Earlean.
  11. Pick a Buffalo street and clean it.
  12. Go to a show at Shea’s together.
  13. Take a bookbinding class.
  14. Go on the Whirlpool Jetboat.

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