Three goals and (barely) alive to tell the tale.

It has been a hot second since we posted, but trust us – we’ve been working hard on checking off these goals! We’ve also been working hard on just surviving . . . let’s walk through the weekend that was.

Friday morning:

“Thoughts on dinner?”

“Let’s make the brick oven pizza.”

*high fives exchanged*

Friday afternoon:

*fire has been started*

“There’s an animal in the barn knocking things over.”

“Let’s go find it.”

*Bob is bitten by stray cat*

*Health department called*

*Told we will be called back TOMORROW with instructions*

*Uncomfortably completed unaccomplished goal #15: make a brick oven pizza*

Bob made the brick oven with bricks we have collected. The fire warmed the bricks for a couple hours and then the pizza was cooked on a baking pan, which rested on the hot bricks. Cool stuff.


Needless to say, we had a few things to tend to that morning, but we eagerly hit the road to Rochester to complete unaccomplished goal #14: eat garbage plates. Despite living near Rochester, we really had no clue where to try our first garbage plate. Thank heaven for people like Carli Kotula – a person who gives great medical advice, fun conversation, and sweet baby spider plants. We met at Dogtown, on Monroe Ave, for what were some good eats. We’d like to give a shout out to the kind employee who walked us through the ordering process and took our picture. (Following dinner, we went to Mercy Ambulatory Care Center for treatment).


Up early, early to complete unaccomplished goal #10: go on the Whirlpool Jetboat, with our friends Kara and Jaime! Now – most of us WNYers have seen the falls – maybe even been on the Maid of the Mist. Those are nice – super great family fun – but they don’t touch this kind of experience.  Holy crow. Class 5 rapids here people. We got soaked head to toe. If you’re interested in booking a trip, please click here.


And is the weekend that was . . .

To see how we are doing on the complete list visit “Summer 2016.”

8 down and 18 to go!