Hike while you can.

We live in a pretty neat place. Travel five minutes down the road and you’re enjoying an ice cream cone and the sandy beaches of Lake Erie. Drive fifteen minutes up the road and you’re hiking in Chestnut Ridge Park. We take our dog, Scout, here often, but had yet to see the (locally) famous eternal flame. So early Wednesday morning, we set out to accomplished summer goal #3: hike to see the eternal flame.

We were the first ones in the parking lot, but bumped into a few people on the trail who came in from other sides of the park. Scout (and Kelly!) get really excited to see other dogs, so that was an added bonus. The trail was well-marked and well-traveled. We crossed over the creek several times, so proper footwear is important. The actual eternal flame was really impressive. A great spot to sit back and take in nature. 🙂

If you are interested in visiting Chestnut Ridge Park, click the map below for county park information.

To see how were are doing on the complete list visit “Summer 2016.”

Chestnut Ridge_General Map