Write your letters and share your cookies.

This year, we shared a week of vacation together to go . . . nowhere. It’s been so nice visiting with people, catching up on some house projects, and just enjoying the place we call home.

On Monday, our first weekday of vacation, we decided to head to Comfort Zone Cafe, in Hamburg, NY. This sweet little shop was the perfect place to complete summer goal #5: buy cookies for every person in a restaurant. We met Zenia at the counter and explained our mission. Her excitement made us pretty darn happy. Zenia said they would make up an extra tray of baked goods and pass them out the following day with each order. Below is a picture she sent us – mmmmm, pastry hearts. 🙂

After ordering, we grabbed a couple coffees and got to work on unaccomplished goal #13: hand write 8 letters to friends. We each picked four people that we wanted to share a story with and/or give a thank you to. We’ve gotten so conditioned to texting, posting, or really any form of media that allows for an immediate response – that sitting back and thinking of what to write without that type of interaction was refreshing. We encourage everyone to write someone (pick us!) a letter! You’ll feel good about it, we promise.


To see how were are doing on the complete list visit “Summer 2016.”


Author: B&K!Grimaldi

Bob and Kelly! Grimaldi are from Buffalo, NY. They believe in the motto "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

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